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bread crumbs and candy cottage

paths in moonlight and wicked witch in the sky

edward rochester
book hugger. music pirate. dvd rusher. Knowledge devourer. Lazy Sundays everyday. Day sleeper. Night watcher. White tees with jeans. Plate licker. Photocopy scams. Animal cuddler. Clay pigeon. Open bars. Good dinners. Beauty voyeur. Bread with ham and plastic cheese. More Rochester than Bretton; More Phantom than Raoul. Name dropper. Morally immoral, immorally moral. Afraid to smile. Yes, I'm a cliche.

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Why I read:

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Why human rights are important:
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What I believe:

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Policy on Commenting

I believe in free speech, the reason why I don't make most of my entries private or restrict anonymous comments. But I also believe in manners and if you don't introduce yourself, leave a name, tell me something about yourself, send me an email, while you read about my life, I don't see why I should respond to your comments. That said, I don't delete the anonymous comments unless they are inappropriate in ways that they insult people I adore; disparage me all you want but don't say anything about people I love. It's not nice. My brother and a good friend leave anonymous comments and I reply them because I know the comments are from them (from the way they write and things they say, things only they know although sometimes I misidentify them) but besides that, I've never replied to anonymous comments; this has always been my policy unless there are attenuating circumstance such as someone needing my help. Because I don't respond, some may and will eventually get angry--this is human nature--or when sometimes some people see things differently from me, then they leave nasty comments to provoke a reply. (If reading my entries infuriates them, why stalk me? Come on, admit it, they love me!) To be honest, I really don't care about foul comments because when I was very young, a wise person told me, "What could you do even if you get angry?", paraphrasing Grace Kelly: "Getting angry doesn't solve anything." I'm getting very good at breathe-and-count-to-three and rationalizing away my ire, being a rational and intelligent person. Besides, I have plenty of practice when I teach. The years have taught me to be secured in who I am and find peace within myself, ignoring impugnment; rough winds do shake the darling buds of May but not I. Because of the inner peace, my center of gravity is dense and I become stoic; perhaps this is why people say that I am independent and individualistic and reach a certain enlightenment. (This is not to say I cannot learn anything, incomplete and imperfect as I am.) Since then, I don't get angry over many things. What to do? Cast your aspersions on me, I'll endure them because at the birth of a star there is pain.