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Reunion Drama

As I was driving, trapped in a small space with the family, I saw clearly our fates were long laid out for us.

We should come to a time when we stop blaming our parents, but that doesn't mean we can't observe.

WS, the richest among us, has become a very successful surgeon. At 35, he's asked to head a whole centre.

T, single child, traumatized by his Chinese school, embraces the inner Potato Queen; he has rejected what rejects him. Because of his trauma, he didn't go as far as he should. But he went far.

P., single child and single protective parent, couldn't grow up.

As I was driving, I saw my brother's imminent divorce as something already written in the stars. He has chosen a wife too alike as our mother. He couldn't stand her, how could he have stood for the wife?

My mother is a lowly educated woman, unable to see far, not willing to better herself. She has stayed stagnant as brackish water, refusing to flow.

My dad is a weak minded imbecile. I do not say this as an insult, I state it as a description, like how you would say the rock is hard or the sky is blue.

The SIL is very smart. Doing much surface work either to get people on her side or to get custody of child. She came to the reunion dinner without my brother. Smart girl.

Throughout dinner, she tried to use my mother's doddering love for her grandchild to poison against my brother. "We call him the Hulk, because he's angry all the time. He beats the child when he's angry."

But little did SIL know that my mother is a two-faced monster. In front of her, she would sympathize and blame her son. But her love for the grandchild is an extension of her love for her eldest son. She will always be on his side. No matter what.

Trapped in a car, I listened and saw things clearly. I need to transcend my upbringing. I am already 36 but I'll decide the end of my story.