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Family of Idiots

I left my passport in my pants in the washer. It got wet. Dad hanged it on the windowsill in the morning and left for work. Who dries things that way???

When mom came home from work, she opened the window without seeing the passport. It fell 15 stories.

Later that night, my dad came home and discovered the passport was missing. He told me about it.

I went downstairs to look. My dad came down and saw that it was stuck in the coconut tree.

DAD SHOOK THE TREE! It's a hardy tree!!! It didn't move an inch.

I did the marginally smarter thing. I threw my slipper at the tree. And one got stuck.

After some practice, I got better with my aim and the passport fell. But one side of the slipper was still on the tree.

This is a comedy about stupid people.